Hi, I'm
Anvay Mathur,

an aspiring full-stack web developer.

My Experience

USACO Silver Participant

December 2022 - Present

My Projects

SAS PES Logo SAS Powerschool Enhancement Suite

SAS PES is an open source web extension maintained by me that implements many quality of life features to PowerSchool, the grade management system used by my school, including GPA calculation and class final grade calculators, allowing students to manage their grades better. Built using TypeScript, Svelte, Tailwind.CSS, and CRX.js. Has over 1.4k users in the Chrome Web Store.


7C Artifacts

7C Artifacts was a project that allows students to post artifacts. These artifacts can be any type of text, poems, videos, etc. It allows students to discuss them in comments and share their thinking with others. It runs on Next.js 12, uses the Sequelize ORM, React for the frontend, and Tailwind and DaisyUI for stylesheets.
Please note that the website is not live anymore, so the link is the Github.


AMC Trainer

The AMC Trainer helps students prepare for the MAA tests. It allows students to take previous contests dating back to 1950 and also has a trainer mode that throws random questions to you, like the AOPS MathCounts trainer, but more customizable in the choice of your problems. It runs on SvelteKit 1.0 and uses Auth.js, an experimental library for OAuth services. It also uses Flowbite Svelte for the component library and styles.